Grab a pair of gloves and throw some punches

“How much can you know about yourself? You’ve never been in a fight.”
— Fight Club

Take a trip back in time with me…back to my senior year of college. I had finished most of my requirements and needed a bunch of electives, which led to classes like Tai Chi, Scuba Diving, and Kickboxing.

All were at 8am, and all were awesome, but kickboxing? It. Was. Amazing.

My class was taught by a former professional kickboxer, and his mission was to teach us to kick butt and take names. He was all about technique and making sure you knew where each jab or kick was intended to land. I loved every minute of it.

After graduation, I tried to find the same experience, signing up for a number of “Kickboxing” classes in the KC area. Unfortunately, I was disappointed by each one after realizing the point of these classes was to get a good cardio workout, not to learn to punch people in the face.

I had pretty much given up on finding my kickboxing match when my husband suggested I try Muay Thai. Brandon has been training Brazilian jiu-jitsu for a number of years now, and the academy where he trains also offers a Muay Thai class. He had tried it a few times and was just sure I would like it. I finally joined him for a class, and the verdict is in:


So what is Muay Thai? Also known as Thai boxing or “the science of eight limbs,” it’s a combat sport that uses stand-up striking techniques including punches, elbows, knees, and kicks. I simply can’t put into words the feeling of satisfaction you get when throwing an elbow into a Thai shield or a kick with all your power behind it. If you don’t believe me, search on YouTube for “Muay Thai knockouts,” then imagine yourself throwing one of those punches after a trying day at the office.


Muay Thai is a true kickboxing class where a cardio workout isn’t the goal—sure, it’s a side benefit, but not the point. It’s got a purpose, and you can set clear progression goals that are related to skill, not just the number on the scale.

Training as a couple? Pretty darn cool. Although we’re not generally paired up together due to the size difference, we share an experience twice per week that is crazy fun to discuss and practice later.

So, if you’re looking something to energize your life or your relationship…might I suggest Muay Thai?

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