Get off your phone and…check out a local winery

Picture this for a moment: it’s a beautiful Saturday—about 70 degrees outside, a light breeze, and perfectly sunny. You have the windows open and can hear the birds chirping as the wind rustles the leaves. You look up from your phone and see your family staring at their phones.

What the heck are you doing with your life, people?!?! It’s time to get off your phone and check out a local winery.

Local wineries are awesome, and I’d be willing to bet that most readers can find one within a fairly short driving distance. No, you won’t be drinking wines from Napa, but trust me when I say that local wineries can be a location for a pretty perfect Saturday afternoon.

Wine Toast

CLINK! That’s the sound of a great afternoon.

Let’s paint a new picture:


It’s Saturday, you’ve just arrived at a local winery, and as you park and walk up to the winery, the view takes your breath away—the property is situated at the top of a hill and you can see for miles. You turn your attention to the patio, where a solo singer/guitar player is playing some catchy music, and you smile when you see an older gentleman ask his wife to dance.

You make your way to the hand-crafted wine tasting bar, where the winery owner welcomes you with a smile and asks where you’re from. She asks about your wine tastes, and shares with you the offerings that will best meet your tastes. You choose to partake in a wine tasting, and make your five selections. While she pours, the owner tells you all about each selection, including a funny story about how one of the varieties came to be after what they thought was a mistake.

Following the tasting, you choose your favorite(s) and purchase a bottle to enjoy on the patio. Back out on the patio, you unpack the picnic lunch you brought and pour glasses of wine before toasting to great companions. As you snack on crackers, cheese, and fruit, you share a laugh with your spouse and friends over a great vacation memory sparked by one of the songs the soloist just performed. Off in the distance, you hear kids laughing as they play frisbee on the lawn. You close your eyes for a moment, feel a cool breeze touch your face, and take a deep breath of fresh air. Now this is how you spend a Saturday afternoon.


Alright, so how do we get this picture-perfect day? Start by asking friends and family for local winery recommendations, or simply google a phrase like “Kansas City winery.” Once you’ve found an option or two, you can do some research:
-Do they host live music? When, and who are the performers?
-Do they allow you to bring a picnic?
-Are kids welcome?
-Do they accept cards or do you need to bring cash?

Wine, live music, and a picnic. What else could you possibly want? Go experience a perfect weekend afternoon, and only use your phone to take a picture to remember it by.

2 thoughts on “Get off your phone and…check out a local winery

  1. Nice to see someone with the same view of local wineries that I have. The real value in a visit to a local winery is the experience not the wine. Here in Western Pa. sweet wine dominates the winery selections mostly because that is what sells and “Keeps the lights on”. Pa. wines are improving but they still are not what people only go to wineries for.


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