The Art of Aunting

A fairly new concept I’ve been working on as part of our DCS (do cool stuff) mantra is something I call “The Art of Aunting.” I came up with the phrase after reading a book titled “Younger Next Year For Women,” in which the author pays homage to his Aunt Kitty, writing:

She also made the business of being an aunt into a conscious art form, and my sisters and cousins adore her and talk about her to this day.

Now to me, that is a craft worth perfecting. I’ve decided that it would be worthy goal to pursue mastery of this art form; the fact that my niece and nephews all live at least 3 hours away means that I’ll have to get creative. After all, I can’t just drop by and surprise them at a baseball game. (Or could I?)

Giving the hottest toys for birthdays and holidays like Christmas is easy and can feel obligatory if you want to be the cool aunt and uncle. But I wonder—with everyone else giving the same toys purchased from the aisles of Target, is our gift really meaningful? Do our niece and nephews feel a connection to us as they are unwrapping the third matching Lego set? (How in the world do my brother and I manage to do that with all of the options out there, by the way?) But more importantly, does it really qualify as part of an art form?


Always say “yes” to s’mores.  Always.

I have a long way to go in mastering my new craft, but a few of my favorite highlights so far:

-Instead of giving one of the standard 1st Communion gifts, I did some searching and found a handmade Lego rosary for my nephew, who happens to be a Lego nut. The look on his face when he realized what it was, was priceless.

-Saying “YES!” when my niece asked if we could do the photo booth at the trampoline gym when we went to visit. We had a blast and the pictures that came out of that booth bring a smile to my face whenever I see them.

-Sending the kiddos treat packages for holidays throughout the year: Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day!

-S’mores on the fire pit, every chance we get.  Because a fire and s’mores makes it a party.

I will continue to post as I come up with new ideas for being the best aunt ever. Comment below with any ideas for how to further my mastery of the Art of Aunting or great stories about an amazing aunt! I appreciate the help. 🙂

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