The beginning

“What do we want said about us as a couple?”

We were driving to dinner, and that was the question for this particular date night, pulled from the box of “TableTopics: Couples” I recently ordered.  My husband paused and said:

“They are always doing cool stuff.”

Shnikies!  What a profound statement.  Now THAT sounds like an amazing reputation to strive for.  Plus, it just happens to align with my personal mission statement of “Living life fully and inspiring others to do the same.” (Which, I’ll admit, I often fall short on, but it’s a goal.)  We talked more about it over dinner that evening, and before you knew it, I had commissioned a graphic designer I knew to design a sign to hang by our doors as a reminder: “Go Forth and Do Cool Stuff.”

I think everyone should have a sign like this by their door.

But that was several months ago, and I’m finding that we are a *bit* lazy at times and fail to bust out of our routines often enough to be described as “the couple who is always doing cool stuff.”  So I decided to start a blog to inspire us (read: hold us accountable) to actually doing the cool stuff we say we want to do.  Habits are hard to change!


So, what does it mean to “do cool stuff”?  To me, it means:
  • Going on adventures, whether nearby or to faraway places
  • Building amazing relationships with friends and family
  • Replacing TV/internet browsing time with actual LIVING time (bowling, BBQs, hiking, playing!)
  • Doing things that bring a feeling of real meaning to your life

Follow along as I document our progress living our new mantra, chime in with ideas, and remember to “Go Forth and Do Cool Stuff!”

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